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This Privacy Policy applies to the entire contents of the present website.

“Us”, “we” and “our” refer to the brand owned by Limited.

We ensure the safety and security of to our utmost ability and should the security breach occur we will aim to fix the problem as fast as possible.

  1. Member’s Information

In an instance where a Member, on their own initiative and optionally, uploads information, content or comments which may reveal in one way or another their nationality, religious beliefs, ethnic origin or sexual orientation, the concerned Member automatically and explicitly agrees to the processing of this data by us.

Each member of has the right to access, delete or modify information concerning that Member. Members can contact to request their data to be completely destroyed by us and to forbid us any further use if such data. Contact e-mail:

Each Member can choose to deactivate their account either permanently or temporarily at any time after the registration by pressing the “Deactivate button” on their profile and following further instructions. Temporary deactivation means that the account can be reactivated by the Member at any time and all their information will continue to be stored securely by

Each Member can choose, either at registration stage or at any time after, to receive or not receive our notifications, newsletters and promotional offers sent to them via e-mail.

  1. When we gather information about you

Each Member is asked to supply information about themselves when they

  1. Register to use the Services
  2. Participate in activities in public spaces on
  3. Participate in Credit Point collection
  4. Respond to a survey

Certain items of Information are mandatory in order to use the Services and such items are indicated on the Site as “Required”.

  1. Information we gather

Personal information we collect about each Member includes name, mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone number (mobile or fixed), bank information, photographs, information on personal values, appearance, interests, religious views and the use of Services. also gathers non-personal information that includes your browser version, operating system and the IP address of the computer used by the Member to access

We may use cookies to store information that will help us identify you as a Member when you are using and the Services and prevent the need for each Member to re-enter their information for each new page. Read more about this in our Cookie Policy.

  1. Who can access your information?

Information gathered about each Member when you register with is used to create your Member’s Account and to offer you the Services of the Site. Personal details we collect during the registration, not including your Extended Profile, will not be accessible to third parties (including other Members of We have taken all necessary precautions to make sure your data is stored safely and securely and only a small group of employees of have access to this information and only in cases of absolute necessity. We will not sell, pass on or exchange your information with third parties but you may receive promotional offers from some of our partners, providing you have given us permission during registration. You will not receive any promotional offers from our partners if you have chosen not to be contacted during the registration or at any point after.

By completing the registration, basic profile and extended profile, each member gives permission, unless the Member have chosen to keep the information private, to broadcast and reproduce such information, for example their Extended Profile, search criteria and public space activity.

If you no longer wish for to broadcast and reproduce information from your Member’s Account, such as your Extended Profile, search criteria and public space activity you can terminate your account following Article 6. Cancellation of Membership Access, cancellation of subscription by a Member.



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