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Cookies are small pieces of data stored by a particular website in the user’s browser while they are browsing that site. They are used to gather and record information about the user’s browsing activities and habits (what buttons they click on the site, when they log in or what page they visit) and to remember information that the user entered previously, such as names, passwords, e-mail addresses and credit card numbers (for example information you enter into the fields that help create your Member’s Account).

Two types of first-party cookies may be placed on your computer or other device when you browse First-party cookies are cookies placed directly by us.

  1. Session cookies

These are cookies that place on your computer or other device for the duration of your browsing session on the Site. Web browsers delete cookies when the user closes the browser. These cookies are used to help us run the site more efficiently and remind us when your computer is logged into the Site.

  1. Persistent Cookies

These cookies are placed on your computer or other device when you start your browsing session but, unlike session cookies, they don’t expire when the browser session is over. They are stored on your computer or other device for a certain period of time and information stored with the help of these cookies will be transmitted to the server every time the user visits the site it belongs to. Persistent cookies enable us to speed up your login process by linking your computer or other device to your Members Account, collect information about your interaction with the Site, count the pages you visit frequently visit and save your search results.

We can only place cookies on your computer or other device with your consent. Such consent is obtained when you first access the Site and subscribe to Services, either Free or Paid. If you no longer wish for the cookies to be placed on your computer or other device by you can withdraw your consent by terminating your account by following the instructions on your Member’s Account.

If you refuse the cookies to be stored on your computer or other device, you will not be able to use a number of functions that are required to browse the Site. This will also restrict us from collecting information regarding you that is required to effectively use the Services as well as information we need to identify technical compatibilities of your computer or other device which helps us provide you with efficiently functioning website.


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