Springtime is Relationship Therapy

Finally, the dark and glum winter days are behind us and the bright summer sun is warming up our bodies, our minds and our hearts. We are all looking forward to shedding the layers of clothes and everything that made us feel blue and sad in the freezing temperatures, including the depressive moods and attitudes.

It’s no secret that the lack of sun during the winter months makes most of us feel miserable and more likely to take our annoyance out on those closest to us, our romantic partners in particular.

Even the happiest of couples can be affected by the seasonal changes and, although, we can’t blame ALL our relationship problems on the weather outside, we can certainly make sure to use the spring and summer days to fix everything that got damaged in winter.

This is why Spring and Summer time is like therapy for your relationship:

  1. Springtime = Happy


As we all know, the lack of sunshine and freezing temperatures in winter are partly responsible for the increase in depression and general moments of bad mood and dissatisfaction. It doesn’t affect just you but those around you as well, taking its toll on your relationships.

Spring and Summer sunshine makes everything seem less daunting and oppressive so, naturally, you’ll feel less vulnerable and won’t take every little life hiccup too seriously, which will give you a chance to regain closeness with your partner and spend some time together.

  1. Most of us will be in a perfect mood for you know what


Winter is all about cuddles, onesies and TV series binging when you are a couple. We produce less serotonin in winter, which means we feel less frisky, besides, flannel pyjamas and woolly socks aren’t that sexy. As the temperatures rise, so do your levels of serotonin, meaning you are likely to feel in the mood for sex more often – no doubt great for your relationship!

  1. There is so much more you can do together in the summer


Autumn and winter activities are usually limited to the indoor stuff – takeaways and movies with an occasional outing to your local pretty much sum it all up. Summer gives you boundless opportunities to have a good time together as a couple: bike rides, picnics, trips to the beach, weekend getaways, walks through the city, open cinema nights, beer gardens, festivals… the list goes on. A change of scenery and new experiences will help reignite the spark that might have dulled during the winter months.

Of course, as we said before, not everything can be fixed with the simple coming of spring. If your relationship is beyond repair and you know it, there is no reason to drag it into another winter – spring is the time for new beginnings as well the rebirth, so, if the relationship is not worth saving, end it and look forward to the new one – it’s Springtime after all!


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