Love and Weed Are Basically the Same Thing

First of all, happy 420 everyone! 

Whether you partake or not, you probably will be interested to find out that a recent study by the University of California shows that a natural high can be achieved simply through loving one another and engaging in pleasant social interactions.

That’s right, apparently, oxytocin, also known as “love hormone”, can produce pleasure and happiness when it mixes with anandamide – “the bliss molecule” – and give you the same sensation of elation and joy that you get from smoking weed.

In brief, the research that was done on mice showed that social interactions increased the production of anandamide, which, in its turn, triggered cannabinoid receptors in a brain to reinforce the pleasure of socialising.

In addition to that, oxytocin is the stuff that keeps partners attracted and dedicated to each other; no wonder they call it the “hug hormone” or the “moral molecule”.

So, whether it’s smoking weed or sharing the love – do whatever gets you high and adds some extra happiness to your life! 


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