7 Life Lessons I Learnt from My Cats

I have two cats. The boys are from the same litter but have very distinct and individual personalities. And although they both have their character quirks, there are traits in their behaviour that can teach us, humans a lot about self-love, relationships and success.

Here is what I have learnt from living with my two cats:

  1. Every relationship should be based on respect.

My boys are very affectionate and enjoy a good cuddle. They will show their affection when they feel like it but will also let me know when they want their space. Everyone has their boundaries and needs some occasional “me” time so learn to respect pets and humans within your shared environment.

  1. Take care of yourself.

Cats take great care of their fur because appearances matter. They matter not because of what others might think but because of how great you feel when you know you look your best.

  1. Confidence is everything.

My boys walk into a room and everyone’s attention immediately turns to them. They are beautiful and smart and they definitely know it and use it to their advantage. Act with confidence and believe that you know what you are doing and the world will accept and respect it.

  1. Relentlessness is the key to success.

When they want something – be it a fly on the wall or a slice of their favourite ham – my boys don’t give up until they get it. They will try different tactics, both stealth and aggressive approach; they will fail, shake it off and try over and over again until they win. And they always win. Because cats don’t relent and neither should we. When you find what you want, go for it with passion and don’t abandon your goal until you get to it.

  1. Always pay attention.

Ever noticed how cats take their time to assess the surroundings before deciding whether to attack or step back for a moment? They pay attention to every detail that might affect their actions and the results of them and always act with caution.

  1. Embrace all the little joys in your life.

There is a beanbag chair in my apartment. I got it for my boyfriend so he could play computer games in comfort. It’s a great chair and my cats know it. Gradually, it became their chair and they take great joy in using it, shaping it to suit them and taking fantastic naps in it. They also have a couple of toys they got as a present when they were little which are their favourites until this day.

When you have something in your life that makes you smile – even if it’s just a really comfy chair – make the most of it and let yourself feel happy.

  1. Appreciate those who love you.

Cats know full well that humans that take care of them and love them should be regarded very highly and rewarded with affection, companionship and respect. Unfortunately, in People world, that’s often not the case and those who care for us are taken for granted. Appreciate all the good people in your life, be grateful to those who are kind, attentive and genuine and respond with love and respect.


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